Zoning Board of Appeals 1-10-24

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:49

510 Cochituate Road 00:05:16

Gone Enterprises, Inc. (D: 4, Z: M-1). Finding and an Appeal of the Building Commissioner’s Decision. The request is to allow a proposed second auto dealership to operate under a separate business entity with 10 additional vehicles on site. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

424 Union Avenue 00:44:33

Amanda Spinola DeSouza, (D: 5, Z: P). Use Variance to allow the use of a sunroom as an exterior display of goods for home occupation. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

30 Speen Street 01:13:34

Ryan McGothlin (D: 4, Z: M). Variances to allow proposed 7’ fence within front set-back and installation of four structures (housing battery equipment) for a battery storage facility within front set-back. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

31 Briarwood Road 01:35:44

Michael Plone (D: 3, Z: R-4). Findings to allow the demo of the old siding and trims, install new siding and trims, replace windows, demo roofing and install shingles. New construction of a 29’9”x18’ covered deck and mudroom, as a proposed addition within front set back and side set-back on a lawful, pre-existing non-conforming structure. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

601 Old Connecticut Path 01:45:44

Colbea Enterprises (LLC, D: 2, Z: P). Variances and Special Permit to allow the new construction of a 2,940 square foot convenience store with co-brand coffee shop. Special Permit required for retail element of a lawful, pre-existing conforming use, which is a prohibited use. Variances required for rear yard set-back and minimum open space set-back on a lawful, pre- existing non-conforming structure. Decision Deadline: 90 days close of hearing. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

601 Old Connecticut Path (Sign Hearing) 02:22:34

Colbea Enterprises, LLC (D: 2, Z: P). Variances to allow the installation of additional 1 freestanding sign, and 3 wall signs. Decision Deadline: February 12, 2024

37 Waverly Street 03:01:09

Wolf Auto Group LLC & Simon’s Auto Body Inc. (D: 7, Z: B). Amendment of a Special Permit case no.19-15 under Finding/Conclusion 7.10, that this special permit applies only to the Applicant and may not be transferred to future business establishments on the site. Request is to delete the condition. Decision Deadline: March 23, 2024

Approval of Minutes 03:08:32