Charter Review Committee 10-26-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:01:21

Public Participation 00:02:53

Discussion: Deepening Our Own Understanding of the Charter 00:10:55

What big questions do we have or things we might want to clarify in Article VIII (Citizen Participation Measures), Article IX (General Provisions), and Recommendations from Article X

Updates from the Chair 00:31:08

A. Appointment to the Drafting and Review Subcommittee: Rubin, Limeri, Craighead, and Brown — B. Charter 101 Fact Sheet for use in community meetings — C. Other items

Updates from the Communications Subcommittee 00:43:46

A. Collaboration with FPS: Mr. Gutierrez — B. Other community meetings: Mr. Magnani

Planning for Community Meetings 00:51:10

A. Feedback on general structure for the meeting — B. Discussion of how best to publicize

Approval of Minutes 01:13:35

October 10, 2023