Planning Board 10-19-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:52

Approval of Minutes 00:01:41

September 21, 2023

Approval Not Required: 43-45 Nixon Road 00:02:07

Approval Not Required: 86 Waverly St. & 7 Taralli Terrace 00:06:02

208 Waverly St. & 22 Beaver St. 00:08:38

Continued public hearing for Application of New Creek II LLC for a Mixed Use Special Permit; Major Site Plan Review; Waiver for walkway width; Waiver for landscape buffer; Waiver for landscape buffer adjacent to the building; Waiver by special permit for FAR; Waiver by special permit for front set back; Special Permit for reduction in parking; Special Permit for off street parking design, including drive aisle width and compact spaces, parking location, pole light location, crosswalk width, Special Permits per IV.B.4.e; and a Special Permit for Land Disturbance and Stormwater Management. The applicant proposes to demolish the existing retail plaza on the project site and construct a mixed-use development comprised of residential and retail space. The project would contain approximately 224 apartment units of which at least 11% would be affordable. The project would be served by 375+/- parking spaces with more than 85% of those located in a subsurface garage. (The applicant has requested a continuance to the November 16, 2023 Planning Board meeting).

86 Waverly St. 00:10:52

Continued public hearing for Application of Spyglass II Limited Partnership for a Special Permit for mixed use, Major Site Plan Review, Waivers for landscape buffers, Special Permit parking design (width, dead end, parking front setback), Mixed use development waivers by Special Permit, F.A.R. “B” district, and rear yard setback “B” district. The applicant proposes to renovate the existing building into a mixed-use development comprised of eight (8) 2-bedroom residential units and office space with 29 parking spaces. The applicant also proposes to make grading, landscaping and stormwater management improvements to the site. As well as a Modification Request to add an additional waiver by Special Permit to the application. The applicant requests an additional waiver by special permit per section V.G.5 from the requirements set forth Section V.G.3.d to allow a studio unit less than 600 square feet.

280 Worcester Rd. 00:33:13

Application of Two Eighty Worcester Road LLC for a Special Permit for a Used Car Dealer. The applicant is proposing to develop the existing building into a mixed-use luxury/collectible automobile dealership that will include display galleries, event space, and conference rooms. The project would also include a bar and lounge area where entertainment would take place during events.

855 Worcester Rd. 01:17:24

Application of Teddy Bear Village, Inc. for Minor Site Plan Review under the Dover Amendment. The applicant is proposing to convert 5,150 SF of the existing building into a day care facility.

Staff & Business Report 01:27:32