Zoning Board of Appeals 9-13-23

Open Agenda

Call to Order 00:00:49

120 Waverly St. & 12 Morton St. 00:02:48

Framingham Salvage Company, D:7, Z: B & GM (SM; HO; LY, alt LL) — Amendment of the ZBA decisions for the case# 01-84 and case# 15-59 regarding the conditions on height limit and location of materials in regards to proximity of the fence. Decision Deadline: October 19, 2023

17 Howe St. 00:46:28

Clark Gourgue, Jr D:7, Z: G — Variance to replace an existing 10’x10’ shed with a new 10’x 20’ shed proposed within rear set-back Decision Deadline: November 23, 2023

5 Lamphere Circle 00:53:38

Shawn O’Leary D:3, Z: R-4 — Finding to construct a 16’ x 24’ addition (one new bedroom and one new bathroom) within side set-back on a pre-existing non-conforming lot, and a Finding for lot coverage increase. Decision Deadline: November 23, 2023

272 Howard St. 01:02:48

Yuri Souza D:7, Z: CB — Findings and appeal of Building Commissioner’s decision/violations to deny signage based on the content of the sign, and the use of the property as a motor vehicle showroom. Decision Deadline: November 10, 2023

340 Union Avenue 01:35:37

Michael Foglia D:7, Z: P — Finding to extend an enclosed porch by five feet within the front set-back, increase of pre- existing non-conforming floor area ratio, of lawful, pre-existing non-conforming commercial structure. Decision Deadline: November 23, 2023

Approval of Minutes 02:00:50

August 9, 2023

Other Business 02:02:47